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    About Us

    Baystate Mary Lane Hospital offers clinical excellence, state-of-the-art-technology, the convenience of a community hospital, with access to a major academic medical center Baystate Medical Center. Our wide spectrum of services, include primary and speciality medical care, pediatrics, inpatient and outpatient surgical care, intensive care, and imaging services including Digital Mammography and MRI testing, Our fully staffed Emergency Department,
    designated as a Primary Stroke Service by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for urgent and emergency care, pledges that all patients will see a provider within 30 minutes of their arrival. Baystate Mary Lane Hospitals Oncology service is part of the Baystate Regional Cancer Program, which combines state-of-the-art treatments with personal, individually tailored plans of care.

    Baystate?s 95 Sargent Street facility located on Rt 9 in Belchertown features a number of Baystate Medical Practices, as well as the Baystate Mary Lane Hospital Radiology and Laboratory Patient Service Center. The Rapid Care Clinic, a Baystate Medical Practice also located at 95 Sargent Street, and offers fast, convenient, outpatient medical care for children and adults.


    • BMP- Mary Lane Ob/Gyn, BMLH in Ware & 95 Sargent St, Belchertown, 413-967-2655
    • BMP-Mary Lane Orthopedics, BMLH in Ware & 95 Sargent St, Belchertown 413-967-2577
    • BMP-Quabbin Adult Medicine, BMLH in Ware 413-967-2324 & 95 Sargent St, Belchertown 413-323-7212
    • BMP-Quabbin Pediatrics-BMLH in Ware 413-967-2040
    • BMP-Quaboag Gastroenterology, BMLH in Ware, Ware & 95 Sargent St, Belchertown - 413-967-2800


    Baystate Mary Lane Hospital